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Western Teacher: Eastern Teaching

On Foreign Land “Ni hao, welcome to Meten, you are our new Foreign Teacher”. Six months ago, I was welcomed into a Chinese language school like a member of a family. With glass walls, comfy chairs and professional students, the school is situated in the centre of Shenyang, north-east China. Everything was new to me: the food on the menu, the chaotic sound of car horns, the towering buildings. Although, the locals were helpful and helped accommodate me into my

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Second Musing

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Welcome to Teachers Muse: Musings about Teaching, Learning and Education

Hello and welcome, my name is Shaun and I write here at Teachers Muse. My goal is to write about the latest trends in teaching, learning and education. I will interview teachers, sharing insights into the challenges and rewards of teaching, in digital classrooms, in traditional classrooms, from all around the world. However, in this article, I want to outline some of my teaching experiences. The CELTA My teaching experience started teaching five years ago, on the Cambridge CELTA. I

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